The Association “Local Democracy Agency” is part of a network of “European Association for Local Democracy Agencies” (ALDA) established in 1999 in Strasbourg, in France, as a membership based organisation of Local Democracy Agencies. Over the years it has developed into one of the most important European networks for the strengthening of democracy, human rights and sustainable development at local level. There are 11 Local Democracy Agencies operating in the following countries:

  • Croatia: Sisak, Osijek and Brtonigla
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina: Prijedor, Zavidovići and Mostar
  • Serbia: Subotica
  • Kosovo: Gnjilane
  • Montenegro: Nikšić
  • Georgia: Kutaisi

Due to their competence, the ADL allows the achievement of very specific objectives through mechanisms of local democracy, which is the basis of the EU’s democratic system and the Council of Europe, a multilateral exchange allows the meeting and making many joint activities to improve thedialogue between the Member States and European citizens.

ALDA has contributed positively in activities concerning ADL, as the head of the organizations, it coordinates the activities of the agencies, participate in the search for funding, the development of joint projects and provideing administrative support.

The Statute defines that ALDA has to assure the implementation of the programmes in close cooperation and in the spirit of the Council of Europe with its objectives, ALDA and ensures the political, financial and logistical support by the Congress of local and regional authorities and the Council of Europe.

  • Coordinates the general activities of ADL;
  • It contributes to the collection of funds and the development of joint projects;
  • It offers to agencies and delegates technical and administrative support;
  • Can receive voluntary contributions from national, regional and local authorities, foundations and other organizations in order to develop general and specific projects of the ADL;
  • Work as a representative of the ADL in the agreements with the institutions and sponsors;
  • Organizes and implements seminars for delegates, local assistants and other employees;
  • It offers its support and intermediate in programs and common strategies of the network of Local Democracy Agencies;
  • It promotes the activities of the ADL and the international role of local and regional self-government in the field of local democracy, human rights and protection of minorities.

Antonella Valmorbida, direktorica ALDA
Council of Europe – Avenue de l’Europe
Office 1017 – 67075 Strasbourg, FRANCE
Tel.: +39 99 55 23 63 41
Fax: +33 88 41 27 51