Mushroom Festival 2016 in Brtonigla

At the 29th and 30th of October, the mushroom festival was held in Brtonigla. It was organized by the mushroom pickers’ association “Boletus” from Brtonigla in cooperation with tourist office and municipality of Brtonigla. The Festival was held with aim of promoting the awareness of the importance of mushroom preservation and also of showing a big variety of mushroom species growing in the Istrian area. Furthermore, a mushroom picking competition was a part of the festival when the organizers gave awards to four most remarkable mushrooms found by the participating organizations. As an entertainment, a Slovenian theatre-group, a dance group and a live-band were performing. Moreover, meals cooked from mushrooms were prepared by the organizers for the visitors of the festival. People from different countries and of different ages came to celebrate together, thus creating nice and positive atmosphere. The LDA Brtonigla was also present there thanks to its volunteers. They helped the organizers with a preparation of the venue and also, in cooperation with the tourist office in Brtonigla, asked the participants to fill in a questionnaire with their feedback about the event in order to improve its quality for the future years.