European Voluntary Service

ERASMUS+ is one of the programme of the European Commission which executive branch is the Directorate General for Education and Culture. One of its parts is the European Voluntary Service (EVS) which allows young people to become a volunteer in another European country for a specified period: between 2 to 12 months for a long term project and between 2 weeks to 2 months for a short term project.  Participants should be between the ages of 17 and 30 years old.

youthpassThrough the participation in the volunteering activities young people will have the opportunity to develop their social skills and thus contribute to their own education and professional development. Their learning experience is formally recognized through the YOUTHPASS certificate.

EVS covers a wide range of areas in which volunteers may be included: culture, youth, sports, social welfare, civil protection, environment protection, art, etc. The volunteers contribute to the work of the hosting organization and they have provided constant support in the work and learning process, as well as a language course.

The EVS is FREE for participants (except for possible small contributions related to travel expenses). Accommodation, food and insurance are covered by the Erasmus + program. In addition, the volunteer receives a monthly pocket money for small expenses and is entitled to have few days of “vacation” in addition to a weekly rest.

In the preparation and implementation of the EVS project are involved minimum 3 actors: the sending organization (SO), the hosting organization (HO) and the volunteer(s).

Any organisation wishing to be involved into EVS as sending or receiving organisation must be ACCREDITED. Accreditation serves to gain access to EVS and to ensure a common quality standard. The rule of the organisation (usually HO) is to apply for the project grant, while the volunteer should find a project suitable to his/her needs and expectations and contact the SO/HO.

how-to-applyHOW TO APPLY
LDA is an accredited organization for EVS. If you want LDA to be your hosting organisation (HO), you should send your expression of interests together with a CV and motivation letter to! A Skype call with all the candidates will be organised in order to provide detailed information about EVS activities and the venue of the project. Usually we are applying the EVS project at February deadline and we are publishing the Call for volunteers in summer time (June/July), while the activities are starting in September of each year.

If you are a potential volunteer searching for one EVS project, count that from the moment that you are starting to look for a suitable project to its implementation it may take up to six months because SO and HO must respect the official Erasmus + application deadlines (February, April and October).

For any further information please contact us at!