In collaboration with the Red Cross we are participating in the Europe for Citizens project “FromMEtoEU“, the purpose of which is to create an opportunity to become a more inclusive society and promote mutual help between the EU citizens and migrants.

Our part in the project was to interview the people who have migrated to Croatia and the citizens of European Union, asking questions about what we can do to help one another to enrich our lives.

Migrants of hotel Porin 
Our team with the migrants of hotel Porin

It is important to solidify the refugee communities as a part of the population and encourage them to contribute, together with the local citizens, to the shaping of their countries future. For this reason every migrant should be considered a citizen and every citizen could bring ideas, innovative approaches, participation methods to the community in which they live.

The migrants we talked to were lovely and kind despite the hardships they have endured. But most had been on the road for years and their experiences had made them cautious and distrusting. Therefore it proved to be hard to get honest answers to our questions. Nevertheless it was a wonderful experience to meet these people and hear their stories.

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