Lights above Pula

pula-chineselightsOne month ago we had an incredible time in Pula! First visiting the „HAND MADE FEST“, which we can really recommend to visit next time, and afterwards, in the night, volunteering at its second part „Lampioni Dobrih ZELJA“. Armed with a lighter and a safety vest we helped to light those fluorescent lamps, especially the ones from children, who had some trouble to do it. Finally, when all lanterns were lighted, we and hundreds of people from all age categories had an amazing view, watching the lights ascending to the night sky of Pula – and written on them a thousand of wishes!

Following this beautiful scene made us even forget the coldness of the night. But not just the event itself, but also the after the effect has a great impact! The revenue from selling those lanterns will be used for the competition of „Sobe za senzornu motoriku djece, D.V. Mali svijet – Pula“, where children have the chance to develop and improve their motor abilities in an adequate way. According to this result, we would like to say thank you for the wonderful experience and opportunity to take part in this event.