International Day of Languages in the Croatian High School of Vladimir Gortan in Buje

The 26th of September is the International day of languages. On this occasion, four volunteers who are currently stationed in the LDA Brtonigla visited the Croatian high school in Buje to present the European Voluntary Service, Erasmus+ Programme and other mobility opportunities to professional students attending the final year. Furthermore, the volunteers offered to the students a participation in free language courses of Italian, English and German, which will be started next month. The students were interested especially in the youth exchange opportunities, as they made related questions showing the willingness to take part in some of these projects. The experience was really good and our volunteers discerned the importance to promote the European projects because many of the students didn’t hear about these possibilities before. Hence, the promotion has to be strengthened to recruit more participants for the different Erasmus+ programs. Our volunteers were glad to have the chance to promote mobility programs and are looking forward to take the next chance.