We visited italian high school in Buje

Students – High school of Buje

8. of December we had the opportunity to visit the high school in Buje. We spoke with students little about us volunteers, about LDA activities, but above all we talked about Erasmus. Erasmus can be your break between high school and university. You will have time to specify what you expect from life and in what kind professions you want to work. In the discussion, we also spoke about financing. The advantage is that Erasmus projects are fully covered by EU. So the participant does not have to pay anything. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to sign up for the project.

Candidates can participate not only in volunteer projects but also in Youth exchanges, where workshops are held to gain new experience. As we have already told to students, this year we want to focus on disinformation, entrepreneurship, and cultural exchanges. Like European Voluntary Service, funding of Youth exchange is fully covered by the European Union.

We also talked to students about the courses and events we organized for local residents last year – a graphic design course, a German language course, a Czech movie night. We hope that the interest in our events will increase as we have something to offer. 🙂