Trading is caring

image from marketOn 18.11.2018, the LDA volunteers took part in ’’TiDam-TiDaš- swap sajam razmjene’’, the exchange stuff fair, organised by Green Istria, Istria county, city of Umag and public utility – 6th of May d.o.o. The event was held in the atrium in front of the open school Anto Babić in Umag. The main idea of this occasion was, people to bring already used belongings in exchange for another second hand goods. In addition to this, the opportunity to enjoy the hand made products from recycled materials produced by the students from the elementary school ‘’Marija and Lina’’ was given to the visitors. Our volunteers were in charged for sorting the brought stuff, inform the visitors about the concept of the event, and offer them free drinks.

One of the aims of this happening, which is part from the campaign ‘’Izdvoji se.Fai la differenza’’ was to teach people, as well as, to raise their awareness about how to recycle correctly and in that manner contribute to cleaner environment.

The whole atmosphere was pleasant, followed by nice music in the background and sunny weather.
Even though this event took place for first time this year, we really hope that it will become a tradition, which would lead to cleaner and healthier environment for everyone.