Our new volunteers are here!

New volunteers 2017-2018On the 1st of September, our new volunteers just arrived; Petr Svoboda (26) from Czechia, Ana Trajkovska (23) from Macedonia and Susanne Schulz (18) from Germany.  They take part in the EVS project ‘’Youth Ideas Empower Local Democracy’’ with duration of 11 months. Therefore, they will work at the Local Democracy Agency in Brtonigla. Their duties are to prepare activities for local citizens, promoting the EVS in Croatia and abroad as well as a realization of projects. Furthermore, the citizens of Brtonigla will have the opportunity to learn more about other countries in Europe and to get to know habits abroad.

Comments from volunteers

Also, our volunteers would like to say a few words about their first impressions:

Susanne: It was my very first time to cross a border with the need to show my ID card – actually, this was the only thing that reminded me that I’m about 1.200 kilometers away from home. Of course, the weather and the landscape changed a bit but it is quite similar to the German.

Ana: Since I’m coming from a country that is located on the Balkan, I really have to say that Croatian culture is very similar to the Macedonian. What impressed me the most beside the sea, is the beautiful and colorful nature, not only on the coastal but also on the continental part. 

Petr: My first impressions about Croatia is that in few parts of the country it’s really similar to Czechia. For example, vegetation, buildings, and structure of Croatian villages that look like Czech ones. However, the citizens are nicer and polite. So, sometimes I feel like home. Also, there are some differences, like ‘’propuh’’. No one ever died from ‘’propuh’’ in Czechia. 😀