2014-2015 EVS Y.E.S. – Young Europeans’ Solidarity

Project name:  
Young Europeans’ Solidarity (Y.E.S.)
Project number:
Project duration:

01.07.2014 – 31.10.2015
Coordinating/host organisation:
LDA Local Democracy Agency Verteneglio
Partner Organisation:
Association for Education MLADIINFO INTERNATIONAL, Skopje, Macedonia
Les Centres d’entrainment aux methods d’education ctives (CEMEA), France
Associazione Giovani Senza Frontiere – Gio.Se.F., Italy
Dijana Muzhdeka
Lucas Grux
Egidio Lacanna
Goda Julija Urbelionyte

The project Y.E.S. (Young Europeans’ Solidarity) represented the next step in LDA’s life, peculiarly for the historical context where it was set: the entrance of Croatia in the EU’s family. The project was based on three pillars: fostering social dialogue and understanding among different ethnic, cultural, linguistic groups; improving the quality of youth policy and career prospects; spreading awareness about EU and democracy; strengthening the concept of European citizenship within the civil society. Other relevant themes and aims of the project were gender equality, equal opportunities, international cooperation, cooperation development, and languages learning. In this occasion, volunteers with fewer opportunities coming from France, Macedonia, Lithuania and Italy were chosen in accordance with the partner organisations. The main activities included but were not limited to: fostering the Agency’s regional, national and international objectives as it was in the case of pursuing intercultural understanding through the integration in the local community, both professionally and privately, as well as tightening international partnership, such as with the organizations in Basilicata to open opportunities for potential partnerships in the future; working in local institutions, organisations and schools to promote youth mobility programmes; organising events -such as “The week of French culture in Buje”-, meetings, conferences, workshops primarily concerning Erasmus+ opportunities. These were aiming to provide the local communities with wider awareness of European Citizenship concept and the processes of integration and enlargement.