Celebrating the 35th anniversary of Il Circolo di Cultura istro-veneta “Istria”

On the18/05/2017 the LDA Brtonigla attended the event in the Italian community of Buje celebrating the 35th anniversary since the foundation of Il Circolo di Cultura Istro-Veneta “Istria” which was chaired by the President Livio Dorigo and one of its most eminent members Walter Macovaz. The event commemorated and promoted the glorious past and present literary and cultural activities developed by this association. In fact, it represents the previous and contemporary willingness to reunite the Istrian culture and traditions in the face of the cultural and geographical diaspora started in the region since the mid-50s. To this extent, the LDA, which is involved in the promotion of democracy at local level, could not miss the chance to witness the achievements awarded by this society over time, especially if the Yugoslavian political ideology oriented to make uniform the diverse identity of its territories is taken into consideration. Overall, the event represented the chance to gain an overview of the work and prospects of Il Circolo. In this regard, it was largely appreciated as the opportunity to acquire some book samples which were kindly offered by the Istrian Circle itself.