Beyond The Borders / Traveling, mobility, art evening

On the 01/06/2017 LDA team was warmly invited and pleasantly attended the event “Beyond The Borders / Traveling, mobility, art evening” organised and presented by the Info-centar za mlade ZUM volunteers Zaiga Zirnīte and Ksenia Dubova.  This occasion represented not only a further opportunity to extend the organisation networking connections and build bridges between different international volunteers located through Croatia, but also to share the experience gained through Erasmus+ program, ranging from Y.E. to EVS and studying abroad. Lizzie Parker British EVS volunteer from Rojc center, Theo Millet Ursin and Felix Cognar EVS French volunteers from Centar Za Mlade Grabrik, Simona Vaseva Macedonian EVS volunteer from LDA and former Erasmus student Darko Legin  from the sponsor Glavani Park gave an outlook of their previous and current experience abroad highlighting the challenges and achievements gained as active and european citizens. The event also hosted a unique photography competition where pictures from all over the world were exhibited and judged by the participants who also participated in a lottery awarding fantastic prizes. Overall, the occasion confirmed the hardwork, creativity and proactivity of Info-centar za mlade ZUM volunteers which has always been inspiring for the LDA itself.