About the Mid-Term training in Split by Čedo, Magdalena, Vincenzo and Guillaume

The mid-term training which was held in Split from 2nd to 5th February 2016 gathered together all the EVS volunteers currently hosted in Croatia by different accredited organizations. In total there were 21 participants coming from all Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Latvia, Montenegro, Lithuania, Moldova, Malta, Serbia, Kosovo, etc.
It was an opportunity to meet old friends from the on-arrival training in Orahovica, but also to make new ones. We did a lot of activities related to our projects, such as the participation in the evaluation process where we discussed together what we did in the last 5 months. We had the opportunity to share our impressions about the whole EVS experience with the rest of the group and to share our personal experience as well.
We believe that the most important part was hearing from other volunteers about their experience and activities and compare their impressions with ours. Besides, we got some new ideas and inspirations on how we can make the best of the rest of our project. During this training we did also different workshops and presentations, but we also talked about things that can help us in future to develop our careers. Specifically, we discussed on how to use the knowledge that we gained and will gain during our EVS experience once the project will be concluded.
In addition, we participated also in a workshop on project planning and writing where we discussed on how to implement new ideas, how to find partners for the projects and how to apply for a project grant. We had also the chance to facilitate the learning process and become trainers by using non-formal learning methods. It was really a great opportunity to work in a multi-cultural group of people and to see how other cultures are functioning.