2020-2021: Recruit Engage Author in Local Models of Solidarity (R.E.A.L.M.S.)

Project name:
2020-2021: Recruit Engage Author in Local Models of Solidarity (R.E.A.L.M.S.)
Project number:
Project duration:
01.09.2020 – 31.07.2021
Coordinating/host organisation:
LDA Local Democracy Agency Verteneglio
Partner/sending organisations:
Open Door International e. V., Köln, Germany
Asociación Egeria Desarrollo Social, Malaga, Spain
Soc. Coop. Soc. “Il Piccolo Principe”, Casarsa della Delizia, Italy
Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej, Leszno, Poland
Lorena Mazuela Aguilera
Federico Neri
Lilian Awa
Matylda Pacholarz

The long-term volunteering project R.E.A.L.M.S. represents a structured programme for eleven months, that aims to bring closer and demonstrate the message of European values, principles and policies to the local communities, connect the European youth, empowering them to create and develop original models of European solidarity at local level, to represent these values and message in the rural communities in Brronigla and Istria as a region and particularly to the youth in Istria, to grow and develop their personal potential by engaging them in various events and activities designed with our partnering organisations, which will enrich their knowledge, train and practice new skills, increase their competitiveness and mutually add awareness and knowledge of the different national aspects of the common European culture.
The programme is designed and structured to pursue defined aims and concrete objectives though developed activities with the agency, as well as together with our long-term partnering organisations and institutions, local, regional, national and at European level, and prepared to assist, advise and support the individual projects of the four volunteers. The activities will strengthen the cooperation of the volunteers within the team of the agency, with the partnering organisations, create connections and understanding with the local population particularly with the youth, gain new language skills through the planned courses of Croatian and Italian languages, build confidence, integrity, discipline, ability to communicate, work and live in international environment and in different languages, writing and presenting in different languages and in front of diverse public.
The programme activities described in the timetable will be divided in 5 office days – from Monday to Friday – each day having 6 office hours (h9a.m-3p.m) during the eleven months activity period to be done both inside and outside LDA office situated in Brtonigla, Croatia. Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves with respect to the schedule for the volunteering hours and the working rules of the LDA and the other institutions they will work with. Accommodation will be provided in a private house closely to the office in Brtonigla. Due to irregular and unsubstantial public transport availability, the volunteers will be able to use a car to reach all the working place (if needed), partnering institutions in the neighboring towns and at their disposal during their free time, for markets for food, leisure purposes, exploring Istria.
Planned activities wil include:

-Work in the LDA office together with the team, the daily activities as well as project writing and developing their individual or group project with the assistance of the project manager,

-Managing the social media accounts of the agency and creating messages for the youth, developing social media campaign to popularize the importance of the youth’s information and understanding not only on formal youth programmes deadlines, but the deeper purpose and potential these tools can serve for in their life planning;

-Organising thematic meetings with youth in different towns and villages in the regions,in high schools and youth clubs presenting the opportunities of the ESC and the European youth policies, sharing their personal perspective on the transformative potential and how it impacts their life

-Meeting with the editing team and the creating original articles for Istrian newspaper Voce del Popolo and TV Koper

-Meetings with and visits in the local municipality of Brtonigla and developing the theme of youth participation in the local democratic process, youth activity and comparative examples with their home local communities, through the social media channels of the agency

-Working with the local touristic office in the preparation and participation in traditional festivities and celebrations

-Working with the local kindergarten in Brtonigla and the team of the pedagogies

-Working with the Center of Inclusion in Buje and their team of professionalist

-Working with the Open University in Buje and creating their thematic meeting with the local population on chosen topics

Other individual initiatives of the volunteers will be supported within the resource capacity of the agency and its partnership network
The design of the project fully matches the objectives of the European Solidarity Corp, aiming to connect, empower and engage the youth at local level with the European youth policies and development opportunities, improve the level of competences and skills of the participants, to promote active citizenship, the EU standards and values, social inclusion and solidarity.