2010-2011 EVS G.R.O.W.T.H. for Europe – Group Rising Opinions and Working Together Humbly for Europe

Project name:
Group Rising Opinions and Working Together Humbly for EUROPE,  “G.R.O.W.T.H. for EUROPE”
Project number:
Project duration:
09.08.2010 – 01.11.2011
Coordinating/host organisation:
LDA Local Democracy Agency Verteneglio
Partner/sending organisation:
Ev. Schülerinnen- und Schülerarbeit in Westfalen”, Germany
Youth Information Center of Brest (BIJ), France
Rebecca Reissberg
Mallorie Yan
Pierre Yves Mingant

The EVS-project “G.R.O.W.T.H. for EUROPE” took place from 09.08.2010 to 01.11.2011 in a small rural village called Brtonigla/Verteneglio in Istria, Croatia. The village is undergoing a quick development fostering sustainability, youth active participation in policy making and rural tourism as emerging economy. Particularly, Verteneglio is the “most Italian” village in Istria, as the Italian minority represents the majority. Local Democracy Agency works on rural development and youth policy issues tightly with local authorities and NGOs and will involve volunteers in these cooperation activities through this EVS. The social integration occurred by involving the volunteers in the life of the local community for example through international evenings, outdoor activities with local youth and active participation to rural development as well as practiced their hobbies. The volunteers worked at the LDA and had the chance for a personal project for example they offered free language courses for French and German. They worked much at the promotion of EVS through sport events, film diaries and presentations.