Partecipation in the Chrtistmas Market of Brtonigla – Verteneglio

On the 10th and 11th of December 2016, in Brtonigla / Verteneglio was organized the annual Christmas Market in the center of the town by the local Touristic Agency. Our Evs Volunteers took the chance to help in the organization process of the event and during its implementation. The volunteer Kimberly Klapproth (Germany), on behalf of the Center of Inclusion of Buje / Buie, was managing the stand reserved to them where she was “selling” through donations the aprons, bags andnecklaces that were made by the users of the Center to rise founds and to improve the social awareness of the community. The local Croatian television Nova TV was present at the event and during the recording of their report for the newscast, our volunteers: Simona Vaseva (Macedonia) and Mattia Giubilei (Italy) were interviewed to know more about their background, the agency where they’re taking service: LDA of Brtonigla and their work in the Christmas Market.
The volunteers experienced the Christmas vibes in Brtonigla by offering their help to the local community and of course, by enjoying the days with a glass of hot homemade red wine.