Movie Night – Pelíšky: Occupation by Soviet army

poster of movie On 17 November, Czech volunteer of LDA, Petr organized a movie night for local residents of Brtonigla. The main topic was occupation by Soviet troops in 1968 in the Czech Republic. This occupation and tension between capitalism and communism are very well illustrated in the film Cosy Dens(Pelíšky). The film’s heroes are experiencing their happy and also tragic moments in life. While neighbours of a panel house are divided by ideology, they are again connected with humanity and empathy.

cosy dens pic1On heroes, we can also see changes in the occupation itself. Those who looked up to Russia are disappointed with the invasion itself, and their world collapses under the weight of betrayal, but others improve their position in society. The film was broadcast on 17/11 intentionally, as this day is celebrated in Czechoslovakia as a day of freedom and democracy and the fight against the Communist regime and Russian oppression.

cosy dens pi 2The Russian occupation has claimed 135 innocent victims, and even today Russian establishment advocates it was a necessary intervention to stabilize peace in the country. But as Petr points out, Czechs still perceive this occupation as a violent act against the rights of citizens.
During the screening, visitors could taste Czech plum brandy (slivovice) and Czech beer.