Mid-term training in Split

Tower in SplitGo to Split in February is not such a good idea. Winter, ugly weather and interference with public transport links have only confirmed our opinion. Let’s start from the beginning. On the 19th of February we went to Split so we were there the next day before lunch. We stayed at the Vila Mikica Hostel where a welcome greeting and a bed was waiting for us. We could lower the sleep deficit that came to us during traveling through Croatia.

Volunteers advise volunteers

Food served during midterm 2018The training focused mainly on the evaluation of the past half year and on inspiration for other projects. An important factor was that we were not only tutoring from facilitators, but the discussion was mainly among volunteers. So we shared the knowledge and experience and helped the others and they helped us. But not everything was just about projects. The subject of the discussion was also how to fill free time and how to use it for further education. Later we tried again something from traditional Croatian kitchen and enjoyed freshly caught fish. We spent the afternoon in the center of Split where we observed the local architecture.

What conclusions do we have? We are going to continue with other projects, especially the with the graphics course, which will focus on training this time. Our volunteer Domenico is preparing several lectures on human rights and we hope, that we will be able to program till the end of our EVS an application that will also deal with human rights.