Lda stands with the Center for Social Inclusion in Buje for “Autism 12000”

 The 31/03/2017 the LDA team attended the event “Autism 12000” held in Buje which promoted the spreading of awareness about this condition. Autism influences social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour making those who are affected experience a diverse pattern in the socialization process. Nowadays, approximately 12000 in Croatia are suffering this disorder and without the existence of facilities such as the Center of Social Inclusion in Buje, they would not have the chance to interact with other than their own family, to develop their skills in community services and to tie friendship in a stimulating and secure learning environment. Those who commit their life in fostering differently able people are an immense resource for the society and the LDA could not stand aside without augmenting public awareness about this peculiar condition. The volunteers did not only enjoy the company of the people present, but also gained new insights about the aforementioned social condition and experienced unforgettable moments.