Domenico say: “The world is big, you should run to discover it!”

LDA Volunteer Domenico LenaHi, I am Domenico, the Italian volunteers of LDA of Brtonigla. I have already stayed here for 2 months and I am very happy. Brtonigla is a nice and comfortable village with a good environment and a quiet and generous community.

For now, I visit the Italian kindergarten three times per week: here I spend a good time because I stay with children, I have breakfast and lunch with them. Also, I play with them, I make activities with teachers, we do sport together and once per week, we walk in nature. This last activity is very important for children because they develop the contact with nature: in fact, some children sometimes say: “Teacher, someone throws rubbish on the ground and this is wrong, so we should pick it up!”. I have really fun time with them. They give me a lot of creativity, affection, laughs, so, they enjoy my life. In addition, I am learning that children understand a lot if someone explains them concepts or ideas in a simple way. In future probably teachers and I would prepare creative laboratories about the protection of the environment. That is fantastic!

Secondly, sometimes I go into the Centre of inclusion in Buje. The mentors are very competent and people that stay there are nice. This also is a good experience because I am developing some knowledge and competencies about disability. I want to thank them for their spirit and attitude.

Finally, I am thinking to organize workshops and seminaries about human rights and spread awareness among people, mainly in the young people, of themselves and of the global society. I hope to realize this project not only in the Italians communities but also in the high schools.

I have started visiting some places, some cities in Croatia: I want to discover this country and its culture. Ah, I was forgetting one important thing: I am also improving my English!

I suggest you open your mind and your heart to have a wonderful existence!

Thanks for your time